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IN HINDSIGHT - a compendium of business continuity case studies

Robert Clark's first publication "In Hindsight - A Compendium of Business Continuity Case Studies", for which he is both the Editor and a Contributor, has been published by IT Governance. This book also reached the Number One spot on the Amazon best sellers lists.
The book is available globally in both paperback and e-Book formats.

Reviews and Feedback:

"I have found 'In Hindsight' to be an interesting, thought provoking and stimulating collection of studies; and I have learned a great deal in reading it" - Phillip Wood MBE MSc FSyI CPP PSP AMBCI MInstLM

"I am constantly amazed by the number of executives who dismiss potential disasters as being too unlikely to consider, or who put off dealing with known risks because they have other things to worry about.  This book is full of these people, and what happens in the case studies provides ample evidence to counter their complacency" - Martin Caddick LLB MBA MBCI MIOR

"This comprehensive research consistently portrays a set of common factors that precedes each disaster – poor management, a lack of proper planning and weak risk management practices. An eye-opener to all those executives that fail to understand the importance of business continuity and disaster recovery mechanisms." -  Luciano Anastasi, MA MBCS CITP

"I wanted to send you a note of congratulations on your book, which I've just had the pleasure of reading. I think it is a very useful contribution to available literature and hopefully will lead to an appreciation of why BCM is essential" - Dr Kevin Pollock MBCI

"The cases of total business wipe-out disasters discussed are sobering. An easy to read style" - John Hakim MSc

"A very good compendium of case studies. Particularly found the chapter on SARS pandemic interesting and well researched. Good read"- Jordan

About the book:

What causes disasters?

In this book, the authors analyse the causes of some of the major disasters from the last thirty years and explain what could have been done better, before and after the event. Unlike many titles on business continuity and disaster recovery, In Hindsight: A compendium of Business Continuity case studies does not build up from the theory of business continuity planning. It is not packed with lots of "in your face philosophy". Instead, it takes apart real events such as Hurricane Katrina, the terrorist attacks in London, Madrid and Glasgow, and the collapse of Barings Bank, revealing the themes that contributed to each.

Some of the incidents made global headlines while others did not even rate a mention in the media but still had devastating effects on the organisations concerned. You will learn of thousands of people being injured and even killed when profitability was given priority over health and safety. Supply chain issues are featured including the inherent dangers of using a single route to market. In particular, vulnerabilities in the just-in-time module were exposed when an Icelandic volcanic ash cloud closed European skies. Aviation and tourism also felt the effects of the 2002-3 SARS pandemic costing as much as $50 billion along with around three million tourism job losses. You will also learn how one small company's disaster had a major impact on many other neighbouring companies.


The were a number of positive outcomes in the book including one company receiving the "Recovery of the Year" accolade following a text book example of an IT Disaster Recovery. However, five of the companies featured in the book never recovered from the catastrophes they were clearly unprepared to face. Four disappeared with a barely a whimper whereas one collapsed in the most spectacular fashion.

Plan for the worst

Using these incidents as case studies, the authors demonstrate the potentially devastating results for organisations that have not planned for the worst. Crucially, the book proposes measures that could have helped to minimise the risks and consequences.

Learn from other people’s mistakes

By showing the potential repercussions of a badly thought-out disaster management and business continuity plan, this book helps you avoid making similar mistakes, reduce risks and enable faster recovery when things do go wrong.

About the editor

A Fellow of the Institute of Business Continuity Management, a Member of the Business Continuity Institute and an Approved BCI Instructor, Robert A. Clark is also a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Member of the Security Institute. His career includes 15 years with IBM and 11 years with Fujitsu Services working on both internal and client BCM related assignments. In 2012 he was awarded a Master of Science degree in Business Continuity, Security and Emergency Management from Buckinghamshire New University. He now works as a freelance Business Continuity Consultant and as an Associate Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.



L to R : Robert Clark (editor), authors Jon Sigurd Jacobsen, Carl Dakin and Owen Gregory plus

Head of IT, Security and Resilience at Bucks New University, Phil Wood.

Author Catherine Feeney (L) and book launch guest Nadia Doughty

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